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SHARE AECTS Platform is Now Closed


SHARE Programme would like to announce that due to technical requirements, the ASEAN-EU Credit Transfer System (AECTS) platform is now closed. The new platform, the Digital Credit Transfer System platform is currently under development.

The ASEAN-EU Credit Transfer System  (AECTS)  was developed to support SHARE Partner Universities facilitate credit-bearing student mobility in ASEAN and Europe. The platform was tested over the course of five batches of an intra-ASEAN mobility scheme and two batches of an ASEAN-EU mobility scheme. It provided mutual recognition between ASEAN HEIs and EU HEIs, and at the same time, was compatible with the existing  CTS  mechanisms in the ASEAN region. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, the possibility of implementing physical mobility during the SHARE Extension has been severely restricted, leading to a shift towards a digital transformation within the  SHARE Programme’s modalities.

In this context, SHARE began exploring virtual exchange and collaborative online international learning (COIL) as complementary digital alternatives to student mobility and implementing a digital credit transfer system to facilitate the recognition of learning. The SHARE AECTS Platform built using technology and systems available for more than seven years has now become obsolete. It does not comply with current online security requirements for personal data protection as per the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). Furthermore, it would be inefficient for the SHARE AECTS platform to be redesigned to support the implementation of digital credentials.

On this basis, and to facilitate the issuance of digital credentials forVE/COIL and physical mobility, SHARE is currently developing a new Digital Credit Transfer System platform. This new platform will offer students a transparent process of credit transfer and greater control of data on their credentials which can subsequently be shared with education providers and employers. In addition,  the Digital Credit Transfer System platform will be equipped with high security and privacy standards following  EU GDPR rules. This fits with evolving rule-making in ASEAN in the field of data protection and allows the platform to support student mobility not only within  ASEAN but also between  ASEAN  and the European Union.

To ensure a smooth transition process, the SHARE Programme has closed the current SHARE AECTS platform on 31 March 2022. The platform is no longer available and accessible to the public. All the data inside the  SHARE AECTS platform has been saved securely offline. SHARE Partners and Stakeholders who  wish  to enquire as to the data stored  may  submit  their  request  by sending an email to SHARE at

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