Qualifications Reference Frameworks

Qualifications Reference Frameworks

The work of SHARE in the field of Qualification Frameworks aims at ensuring readability of qualifications across ASEAN and beyond, at facilitating recognition, and thus at enhancing student mobility.

SHARE activities in this result area build upon the work of the related ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF) Task Force and the ASEAN-Australia/New Zealand Free Trade Area (AANZFTA) project which is developing the framework.
At the beginning SHARE commissioned two studies, one on degree structures and mobility, the second on the status quo of the development of the overarching framework, the developments of national qualification frameworks and their alignment to the AQRF. Currently two research teams are preparing overall overviews of recent developments and state of play in ASEAN in both respective fields. The studies are meant to build a sound fundament for future debate and work; the researchers are also asked to identify challenges in order to define work priorities. The studies will be published by the end of 2015.

qualification-refference-frameworkFollowing this exploration, a study tour for ASEAN policy makers and stakeholders aims at sharing EU and ASEAN experiences and at establishing an ASEAN-EU expert as well as high-level policy dialogue. Future Activities will make maximum use of existing expertise at both EU and ASEAN levels. SHARE set up an ASEAN-European expert working group Qualification Frameworks. The expert group will guide and shape the SHARE activities in the field of QF and compile policy recommendations. Synergies with other components of the Action will be ensured through joint activities. All SHARE activities underpinning this result will enhance the capacity of key regional stakeholders (AQAN, AQRF Task Force, AUN, ASEAN Secretariat, SEAMEO RIHED), national authorities and related parties, to co-ordinate efforts in ensuring readability and recognition of qualifications across ASEAN.

National policy workshops will be organised in 2016-2017 that will either focus on the referencing process with AQRF or on capacity-building and fostering a national dialogue for developing a NQF. Each national policy workshop will produce concrete recommendations on further steps for national stakeholders to strengthen NQFs, in line with the AQRF. A regional conference on the referencing process will summarise outputs from these national policy workshops, and introduce the impact assessment for the regional QF framework.
Within our partnership, DAAD is responsible for overall management of Result Areas 2a, while EUA is mainly responsible for conducting the study and the regional conference on ASEAN degree structures under 2a. DAAD and ENQA will strengthen the existing AQRF (Fig.5) with a more inclusive focus on HE, and strategically link it with national and institutional purposes across ASEAN.

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